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Printed it in all its glory for the world to see

by David Black, Fall 2018 intern My name is David Black, and I am a senior in the Religious Studies and Anthropology departments here at VCU. When I first signed up for the internship at the VCL, I had hoped to learn about the techniques surrounding 3D scanning editing and printing.  I learned all these … Continue reading

Painting Poop: Giant Ground Sloth Edition

A painting guide developed by Michelle Thomas, 2018 Fall intern in the Virtual Curation Laboratory Find some freely downloadable Giant Ground Sloth coprolites at our Sketchfab site courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History Department of Paleobiology: PAL617525 Giant Ground Sloth Dung (VCU_3D_4089): https://skfb.ly/6D9P8 PAL617525 Giant Ground Sloth Dung (VCU_3D_4092): https://skfb.ly/6D9PJ V … Continue reading

All the Poop that’s Fit to Print

by Bernard K. Means This week, on November 28, 2018, I returned to the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History  Department of Paleobiology to do some 3D scanning. Part of this 3D scanning effort was related to the fossil remains of Squalodon whitmorei Dooley that I am 3D scanning for a future exhibit at … Continue reading

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