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VCU Archaeology

Cardboard Plan for a Dog Sculpture that Held Lollipops from the Isle of Wight County Museum

by Bernard K. Means

Using 3-D slicing software, I have created a template for making a cardboard replica from the 3-D model of dog sculpture that once held lollipops. You can view the 3-D model here and even download and 3-D print if you have a 3-D printer: https://skfb.ly/6RYHX. But, if you don’t have a 3-D printer, you can download these plans and make a 3-D replica out of cardboard.

4915_lollipop_dog planz

I recommend starting in the middle and working your way outward. Right click on each image to download each page of the plans.

4915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_014915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_024915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_034915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_044915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_054915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_064915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_074915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_084915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_094915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_104915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_114915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_124915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_134915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_144915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_154915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_164915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_174915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_184915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_194915_lollipop_dog plans_Page_20



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