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Out of all my adventures, my favorite was meeting a real-life dragon

by Sarah Mangelsdorf Grimm, Fall Intern Interning through the Virtual Curation Lab opened up many experiences for me, from seeing Hammy, the world’s oldest ham, to holding a 68 million year old Tyrannosaurus R-rex poop. But out of all my adventures, my favorite was meeting a real-life dragon. This semester, we were given the opportunity … Continue reading

He and His Parents Were Payment for a Portrait: Enslaved Laborer Moses Williams and the first Mastodon Skeleton Mount

by Bernard K. Means I was going to write this blog simply about some of the various ways of replicating the remains of the past used by museums, following my visit to the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore on December 16, 2019. But, this narrow topic expanded as I began to look more into the … Continue reading

Digitizing the Past at the Virtual Curation Lab

Note: interns are required to do a final poster for their internship. by Alyssa Mesecher, Fall 2019 Intern

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