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Solstice at Salubria

by Bernard K. Means Friday was the longest day of the year and I spent much of it at Salubria, where Germanna Archaeology under the direction of Dr. Eric Larsen and my Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) field school led a public outreach event. The day was pleasantly cool and free of the humidity that had … Continue reading

Ice Cream with a Goddess: 3-D scanning in the Central Himalayas

by Bernard K. Means Last month, I had ice cream with a goddess.  I was not alone in enjoying this frozen confection. Indian archaeologists Mohan Naithani and Nagendra Rawat each had a scoop of ice cream while we were in a temple at Ranihat, across the Alaknanda River from the town of Srinagar-Garhwal. The three … Continue reading

Juneteenth and the Fredericksburg Slave Auction Block

by Bernard K. Means Today is Juneteenth, which celebrates the day when Union troops marched into Galvenston, Texas on June 19, 1865 and informed the enslaved population that they were free. Although there certainly are plenty of individuals who argue that slavery is simply a relic of the past confined to moldy history books, the … Continue reading

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