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Where in the World was the Virtual Curation Laboratory? 2018 Coddiwomple Edition

By Bernard K. Means The word coddiwomple has been tossed around on social media over the last couple of months, supposedly an archaic word meaning to travel purposefully toward a vague destination. According to this forum (https://forum.oxforddictionaries.com/en/discussion/12/coddiwomple), the word seems to be of recent vintage. Nonetheless, I feel I coddiwompled quite a bit in my … Continue reading

Making a List, Checking it Twice: Proboscidean, Giant Ground Sloth, and More! Edition

by Bernard K. Means Earlier this month, on December 7, 10, and 11, 2018, I was in the collections area of the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia to 3-D scan Ice Age fossils included in what is known as the Thomas Jefferson Fossil Collection. Some of these fossils were, in fact, once in the … Continue reading

The Revolution Will Be 3-D Printed

By Bernard K. Means At the invitation of acclaimed artist Michelle Erickson, I spent December 8 and 9, 2018 in Philadelphia’s Museum of the American Revolution. My presence was related to Michelle’s artistic work which she discussed the evening of December 6 in a talk entitled “Politics, Porcelain and Revolution” (https://www.amrevmuseum.org/events/michelle-erickson-artist-talk-politics-and-porcelain). On Saturday, Michelle recreated … Continue reading

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