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VCU Archaeology

Sharing knowledge of culture and history

by Lauryn Pulliam

I am an anthology major with a focus on cultural anthropology and museum studies. When I applied for the internship I was excited to help with creating and designing an exhibit with the Virtual Curation Lab replicas. However, due to external obstacles and much appreciated understanding from Dr.Means, my role changed to painting and scanning artifacts. Although my path changed, I found the new one to be just as rewarding. Viewing the virtual scanned image of the artifacts that I was given to paint, allowed me an intimate perspective of the objects. 

2017-11-10 09.42.19

Watching the 3D scanning of a slave shackle.

I had the opportunity to assist Dr.Means in scanning artifacts house by the Virginia Historical Society. We scanned a few artifacts that they needed for an upcoming exhibit. I learned how to setup the scanning equipment and how to conduct the scanning process. I also learned that the process is  easier said than done. Battling the  “Stonehenge” problem was an eye opener to how meticulous one needs to be when scanning objects. One the right  is a picture of us scanning slave shackles. As seen below, we also attempted a new method of scanning with eye glasses owned by Patrick Henry and an old Virginian coin, another meticulous process needed.

2017-11-10 10.04.49

My love for museums studies is the same reason I thoroughly enjoyed working in the lab, sharing knowledge of culture and history. Being able to be a part of the process of creating a more interactive experience for other to learn, feels like a privilege.




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