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Hoodoo Jars, Cast Iron Grave Markers, and Sabertooth Cats

by Bernard K. Means It’s been an interesting, busy, and diverse year. This blog’s title only refers to items that we’ve 3-D scanned during December 2017. Two of the items, a Hoodoo jar and the cast iron  grave marker I 3-D scanned just two days ago, December 29. Other items 3-D scanned this month, most … Continue reading

Doing Time in the Virtual Curation Lab

 By Sha’Quira Holemon This semester I had the pleasure of interning at the Virtual Curation Lab with Professor Means. I learned a great deal including what a mastodon may have looked like and that dire wolves were actual creatures and not just something from “Game of Thrones.” I mostly helped in the lab by cleaning … Continue reading

Sharing knowledge of culture and history

by Lauryn Pulliam I am an anthology major with a focus on cultural anthropology and museum studies. When I applied for the internship I was excited to help with creating and designing an exhibit with the Virtual Curation Lab replicas. However, due to external obstacles and much appreciated understanding from Dr.Means, my role changed to … Continue reading

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