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Enemy Fire: “…we bombed the railroad yards north of Rome”

by Bernard K. Means Just the other week, I was contacted by James Triesler, Director of Education at the Virginia War Memorial.  He had a piece of flak (more on that shortly) that he wanted to know if I could 3D scan. James was interested in using replicas of the flak in his work with … Continue reading

This is a Key

by Bernard K. Means This is a key It’s a handsome key as far as keys go Symmetrical, clean lines and simple details Slightly rusted, but then it is old More than two centuries in age As a key it could open things…. a box,  a trunk, a drawer? A lock….. yes, a lock….. And … Continue reading

Science-ing the Scientists and the Other Elephant in the Room: Mastodons!

by Bernard K. Means Last Saturday, August 5, 2017, Dr. Alton  Dooley, Executive Director at the Western Science Center, arrived at the Golden Villages Palms RV Resort just after dawn at 6 am. He was picking up four of the participants in the three-day Valley of the Mastodons workshop and conference, which culminated in the … Continue reading

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