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VCU Archaeology

The things I would learn during my time

Note that this blog post was completed by a Spring 2017 intern in the Virtual Curation Laboratory as part of the internship requirements.

by Natalie Warden

I am a 5th year student at Virginia Commonwealth University, with a major in anthropology. I entered this internship in the Fall 2016 semester. Upon my acceptance, I had many hopes for the things I would learn during my time there. I wanted desperately to learn how to use the animation and editing software, learn to scan objects, and paint them in an accurate manner. I also hoped that I would be able to participate in events and other experiences that would help me learn about archaeology in an educational context.

Unfortunately, I did not complete any research during my internship in the Virtual Curation Laboratory at Virginia Commonwealth University. While unfortunate, my experience here has at least prepared me sufficiently for conducting research in the future in the field of archaeology, as well as how to apply the skills and knowledge I gained towards that research.

While I did not do research, I did do a significant amount of painting and other tasks (such as animation), and learned much about it. Examples of painting may be seen below.



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