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A cool feeling to have someone interested in model that you helped to create

Note that this blog post was completed by a Spring 2017 intern in the Virtual Curation Laboratory as part of the internship requirements.

by Ryan Taylor

My name is Ryan Taylor, I am a senior majoring in anthropology and will be graduating in December. When I chose this internship, I was hoping to learn about 3D printing and the uses that it had in anthropology. Through the semester, I worked and gained experience in many of the steps of 3D printings and I found myself sticking mainly to editing once I tried everything else. Something about it made me feel very accomplished when I completed editing a scan that seemed difficult or took a lot of time. I was also something that I found to be fun, as my painting wasn’t the best and my animating was slow.


In this internship, I was able to gain experience in public archaeology. This wasn’t something that was more by chance than anything but I’m glad I didn’t turn the opportunity down. I was able to present some of the 3D models in the lab at an event at the YMCA, which was a great experience because I was able to get an understanding of how public archaeology can be very useful to the overall work of anthropologists. I feel that I was one of those moments where you’ve heard it being said hundreds of times by a professor, but once you’ve actually been part of it, it all comes together. That event ,though it was at the end of my internship, was the highlight because it brought together what I was hoping to learn from the Virtual Curation Lab internship. I was able to find out not only how 3D models are made but also how they can be used in anthropology to help educate people on artifacts, while also preserving the original. The idea of being able to see and hold an artifact is something that I feel helps in educating people on what archaeologists do.  It’s also a cool feeling to have someone interested in model that you helped to create and want to learn more about the artifact and 3D printing in general.





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