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Spanning the Globe: the Virtual Curation Laboratory in 2016

by Bernard K. Means It was quite a busy year in the Virtual Curation Laboratory. We continued to work with older partners in preserving the past, such as HNB Garhwal University, New York State Museum, the Virginia Museum of Natural History, and developed new partnerships, notably the Western Science Center and that National Constitution Center. … Continue reading

Mastodon Tooth from Franklin Court

by Bernard K. Means Last August, I was in the archaeology laboratory of Independence National Historical Park to 3D scan artifacts for an upcoming exhibit on the archaeology of the National Constitution Center (scheduled to open next week!). While there, I talked about my recently completed 3D scanning trip to the Western Science Center in Hemet, … Continue reading

Putting the Past into the Hands of the Public

by Luke Davis-Lee In my internship at the Virtual Curation Laboratory (VCL) this semester, I learned many things.  One of which was that I am not good at painting anything besides bones.  On my first day in the lab, I tried my hand at painting green glass and failed miserably.  After that I would come … Continue reading

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