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VCU Archaeology

The 75th anniversary of America’s entry into World War II: Curating the Greatest Generation

by Bernard K. Means

We don’t just deal with archaeology in the Virtual Curation Laboratory.  One of the projects on which we are working is creating 3D printed replicas to acknowledge the 75th anniversary of America’s entry into World War II.  These include a variety of American, German, and Japanese items—and one American veteran. As I discussed last week, I 3D scanned World War II veteran Russell Scott over a year ago.  I then 3D printed Russell and one of my students painted the replica of Russell so that it could be placed on an airplane hanging in the Virginia War Memorial.


Russell Scott, mini-Russell Scott, and VCU student Brittany Blanchard


One of my students recently painted another replica of Russell for our own internal display of World War II replicas. She expressed interest in meeting and interviewing Russell, and yesterday (November 16) we headed over to the Virginia War Memorial as it was a day that Russell volunteered.  Russell was quite gracious and consented to the interview by VCU student Brittany Blanchard.


Brittany is helping return a model of a B-25 Mitchell bomber to the Virginia War Memorial.

Back in the lab, I 3D printed a smaller model of Russell’s B-25 Mitchell bomber. We are quite happy to work with Russell, the Virginia War Memorial, and the Virginia World War I and World War II Commission to highlight this important period in American history.


VCU student Diana Salazar cleans a 3D printed replica of a B-25 Mitchell bomber.




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