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Happy Thanksgiving from the Virtual Curation Lab

by Bernard K. Means Today is Thanksgiving in the United States and we certainly have much to be thankful in the Virtual Curation Laboratory.  The last few months Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) alumnae Brenna Geraghty has acted as our laboratory manager through a grant from the VCU Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).  The purpose of … Continue reading

Developing a Teaching Kit for Studying 18th and 19th Century African American Material Culture

by Jessica Evans, Virtual Curation Laboratory Intern After months of working in the Virtual Curation Laboratory, yesterday morning I began uploading 3D artifact scans and labels to Sketchfab.com/virtualcurationlab. The automatic motions of uploading files and copying and pasting descriptions are the culmination of a five month project to develop a virtual exhibit, physical exhibit, and … Continue reading

The 75th anniversary of America’s entry into World War II: Curating the Greatest Generation

by Bernard K. Means We don’t just deal with archaeology in the Virtual Curation Laboratory.  One of the projects on which we are working is creating 3D printed replicas to acknowledge the 75th anniversary of America’s entry into World War II.  These include a variety of American, German, and Japanese items—and one American veteran. As … Continue reading

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