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Everyone gasped when they saw what was inside: International Archaeology Day 2016

by Bernard K. Means

Today is International Archaeology Day, and I spent the morning at an archaeological conference in Williamsburg, Virginia–not the beautiful historic area, but rather a somewhat rough-around-the-edges hotel in a rather built up area. The conference was the Archeological Society of Virginia annual meeting, and the first conference in a long time that did not involve me presenting a paper.  I did watch my wife, Laura Galke, give one of the first papers of the day, talking about they physical and intangible landscapes at George Washington’s Ferry Farm–where George Washington came of age.


This same day, the Philadelphia Archaeological Forum and Independence National Historical Park sponsored a series of public lectures for Explore Philadelphia’s Buried Past, 2016! The presentations included Touching the Past: Incorporating 3D-printed Artifact Replicas into a Museum Exhibit by Sara Winski and Elena Popchock of the National Constitution Center. The 3D-artifacts were created from 3D scans I did in August 2016 and were printed and the painted by my students at Virginia Commonwealth University working or interning in the Virtual Curation Laboratory. When Elena tracked down the errant package I sent her and opened it, she noted that “Everyone gasped when they saw what was inside.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These replicas will be included in an exhibit opening at the National Constitution Center in December.  More on that another time!



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