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VCU Archaeology

Dawn of the Space Age: A Trinket for the Ages

by Bernard K. Means

Laura Galke, Small Finds Analyst/Archaeology Field Director at the George Washington Foundation blogged yesterday on an unusual discovery–a mid-20th century plastic ring highlighting the launch of Sputnik.  The finding of that ring during archaeological discoveries led her to wonder why someone would wear such a “bauble” during the Cold War.  Read her blog to find out more here. We 3-D scanned the ring for the George Washington Foundation.


Yesterday, several students worked in the Virtual Curation Laboratory to paint replicas with a gold acrylic. Below is an image of Diana Salazar sporting a ring she recently finished painting.

Other copies of the ring are show here in various stages of being painted. 3D printed copies of the ring are being provided to the George Washington Foundation for their public outreach efforts.


One thought on “Dawn of the Space Age: A Trinket for the Ages

  1. The archaeology of Washington’s Boyhood Home in Stafford preserves artifacts from families going back 10,000 years: from spear points to groundstone tools, 18th-century wig hair curlers to 1950s-era plastic “Sputnik” space rings. Thank you Virtual Curation Laboratory and Virginia Commonwealth University for your dedicated efforts. Happy space week everyone.

    Posted by Laura J. Galke | October 5, 2016, 10:06 am

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