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Unlocking Education: Using the 3D Poe Key Scan to Teach 8th Graders

Note: I was contacted via our Sketchfab by Gillian Lambert, an 8th Grade English teacher and an English Department Coordinator in the Henrico County, Virginia, school system. She is using the 3D scan of the key found on Edgar Allan Poe’s body that is on our Sketchfab site for a lesson, which she has graciously agreed to allow me to place this here.

by Gillian Lambert


Using primary sources, the students complete a mini Performance Task about the key that was found on Edgar Allan Poe’s body at the time of his death. A Performance Task requires the students to use critical thinking, analytic reasoning, problem-solving, and written communication skills to answer open-ended questions about a hypothetical, yet realistic, situation. This Performance Task also has an accompanying document library that includes four letters. The students are instructed to use these materials in preparing their answers to the Performance Task’s questions within the allotted time period.

Here is a link to the lesson:



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