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Transparency in Archaeology, a.k.a. Making a Spectacle of Ourselves

by Bernard K. Means For almost five years, the Virtual Curation Laboratory has been using a NextEngine Desktop 3D scanner as the primary tool for creating virtual digital models of artifacts, fossils, bones, and historical items.  The NextEngine basically works by sending lasers toward an object, and these lasers bounce back and are recorded–sort of … Continue reading

Now 3D Scanning at Mount Vernon: Artifacts from Enslaved Contexts (plus busts from the Library)

by Bernard K. Means   When I wrote this as a draft, I was sitting in the archaeology laboratory at George Washington’s Mount Vernon.  At the behest of Linda Powell, ‎Director of Interpretation at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, I 3D scanned a number of items recovered from the “House for Families.” The “House for Families” housed the enslaved … Continue reading

I was in a New York State Museum State of Mind

by Bernard K. Means, Director Last week at this time, I had just began my nine-hour journey via Amtrak from Fredericksburg, Virginia, to Albany, New York. I had thought about flying, but with an up to two-hour drive to the airport (depending on traffic), getting to the airport at least two hours early (because of … Continue reading

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