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To understand 3D printing beyond the novel “technology is crazy” perception

by Lillie Hinkle, Virtual Curation Laboratory intern My name is Lillie Hinkle.  I am a graduating senior at Virginia Commonwealth University, majoring in Anthropology and Philosophy of Ethics and Public Policy.  I took on this internship to understand 3D printing beyond the novel “technology is crazy” perception I had of it.  Reading all of the … Continue reading

But, I have the real thing, why would I need a 3D printed replica?

by Bernard K. Means For the 5 years or so that I have been 3D printing replicas of artifacts, bones, and various historical items, I have repeatedly heard variations on the same refrain: why would I/you/anyone need a 3D printed replica when I have, or have ready access to, the real thing? I have heard … Continue reading

Not ready to give up the interesting world of anthropology

by Laura Nixon, Virtual Curation Laboratory Intern Hello all, my name is Laura and I am a current student intern at the Virtual Curation Laboratory. Despite my desired career path into Human Resources, I wasn’t yet ready to give up the interesting world of anthropology. When I decided I wanted to complete an internship during … Continue reading

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