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Coast to Coast: Archaeology for the People

by Bernard K. Means From the first day of April, it’s been a very busy time for the Virtual Curation Laboratory, including: multiple presentations at two different conferences–one located on the Pacific coast and the other on the Atlantic; public outreach efforts centered on the 3D printed past; and, even a visit to the offices … Continue reading

But How Much is it Worth? The Potential for 3D Printing to Show Why Archaeologists Don’t Understand This Question

Guest blog by Tristan Harrenstein (Florida Public Archaeology Network) Many of us have heard about archaeologists modeling and printing artifacts in 3D. There certainly are valuable research applications for this technology, but for me the really exciting prospect is in outreach and education. Sometimes however, I get the impression from others that they think this is … Continue reading

Archaeology and Access: Maryland Archaeology Month 2016

by Bernard K. Means Cities and states across the U.S. promote their efforts to protect and preserve the past for the future through dedicated archaeology weeks or months. Maryland’s Archaeology Month takes place in April each year, so this year’s began less than a week ago. Earlier this year I was contacted by Silas Hurry, … Continue reading

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