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Jedi Master of 3-D Printing: Creating Access Passes to the Past

by Bernard K. Means The Virtual Curation Laboratory was established over four years ago with the intent not only of preserving the past through digital means–namely three-dimensional (3D) object scanning–but also making it more accessible.  3D digital models are a major “access pass” to the past, democratizing who–and how–people interact with humanity’s long cultural heritage.  Recently, … Continue reading

Pondering Our Presidents: Virtually Curating Their Pasts

by Bernard K. Means Living and working as an archaeologist in Virginia, it is probably not surprising that my path has crossed that of the first president of the U.S. in a number of ways.  I helped direct a few Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) field schools at George Washington’s Ferry Farm, and 3-D scanned numerous … Continue reading

Mapping Faux Island: An Application of 3D Printing for Archaeological Education

by Bernard K. Means Each spring semester, I teach an archaeological research design and methods course to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) anthropology students. The timing of this course is no mistake–I want to ensure that students taking a field school in the summer are informed and prepared at least on a basic level with field … Continue reading

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