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What Do I Think Open Access Archaeology Should Look Like?

by Bernard K. Means Doug Rocks-Macqueen is hosting another blogging carnival and the topic this time is the Grand Challenges for Archaeology.  I think one of the grand challenges for archaeology is maintaining relevance within the discipline and also relevance to people who form their opinions and understanding about archaeology from pseudo-legitimate sources. What do … Continue reading

Now in 3D!!! You, Too, Can Print the Past

by Bernard K. Means Actually, we have been “in 3D” for years now, of course, but we have joined with a growing number of archaeologists and cultural institutions to make the world’s heritage more widely accessible via the Sketchfab site.  Sketchfab enables 3D digital models to be uploaded and then viewed and manipulated within a … Continue reading

Spring 2016, Week 0 in the VCL: New Interns, VHS, and ACWM

by Bernard K. Means I’m titling this blog as Week 0, as the Spring 2016 semester at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) does not begin until next week on Tuesday, January 19. However, our activities in the Virtual Curation Laboratory (VCL) are not limited to a strict academic schedule, and I am fortunate that some of … Continue reading

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