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International Archaeology Day(s) in the Virtual Curation Laboratory, 2016 edition

by Bernard K. Means This year, the Virtual Curation Laboratory participated in two events related to International Archaeology Day.  The first was a few days early on October 14 on the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) campus. Entitled “Making and Mapping a 3D Printed Past,” this event was led by a VCU student organization, the Virtual … Continue reading

It Makes a Village: Showcasing the 3D Printed Past from MakerFaire (DC) to MakerFest (RVA)

by Bernard K. Means “This is incredible” said the young boy approaching the Virtual Curation Laboratory/Jamestown Rediscovery space at the RVA MakerFest on October 3, 2015, which was held at the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond. Last week’s RVA MakerFest was just my latest excursion into the rapidly growing Maker movement. It was certainly the … Continue reading

Visualizing a Wired Word’s Virtual and Printed Past, e.g. a Frenetic and Frantic September in the Virtual Curation Laboratory

by Bernard K. Means, Director How is it already the beginning of October?  What happened to the month of September? Well, the entire month of September has been a blur for the Virtual Curation Laboratory’s staff, interns, student researchers, and volunteers. The month began with an exhibit opening at the Virginia Museum of Natural History … Continue reading

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