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VCU Archaeology

Lightning Strikes: Archaeology and the Public

by Bernard K. Means

2015-01-09 18.29.51

Earlier this year, I organized a public archaeology session at The Society for Historical Archaeology (SHA) annual meeting in Seattle, Washington, that consisted of a series of 3-or-so minute presentations by a dozen presenters. The session was entitled Can Lightning Strike Twice? Thrice? Sharing Tips and Tricks for Engaging the Public and the abstract for this session follows:

Are you at a loss for how to interest the public in your museum or archaeological site? Do you risk losing the public’s short attention span with static outreach programs? This session features a lightning-fast (3 minute) series of presentations from a broad range of archaeologists who interact with the public in a wide variety of settings. The participants share time-honored as well as innovative techniques designed to engage the public over the short- and long-term in field and laboratory settings. Following completion of this lightning round, the participants and attendees are provided with the opportunity to question one another, as well as share information and public archaeology outreach materials.

Fortunately, for those of you who did not attend the SHA session, Doug Rocks-Macqueen was kind enough to film the presentations and make those videos available.  The videos are linked to each presentation title. My own presentation focused on using 3D printed artifacts as part of education, as you will see in my video.

  1. Bernard K. Means: If They Can Build It Will They Come? Using Artifictions and Ecofictions to Teach the Past.
  2. Karen Price and Leah Stricker: FROM SKYPE TO SHOVEL: Teaching a hands-on discipline through distance learning
  3. Scott S. Williams and Kevin Bartoy: WSDOT’s MP31 Visitor Center
  4. Elizabeth Bollwerk: Know your community: A Strategy for Digital public education and outreach
  5. Kari Jones, Montse Osterlye, and Jules McKnight: Prioritizing the Public: Elevating the Presidio’s History through Public Engagement
  6. Becky O’Sullivan: 8 to 80: “Archaeology Works” for All Ages
  7. James G. Gibb and Alison Cawood: Citizen Science: The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center’s Approach to Public Involvement in Archaeology
  8. Mark Freeman: Digital Archaeology and publics: a survey of Virginia websites
  9. Stefan Woehlke and Tracy Jenkins: Drawing Visitors to the Hill Community Archaeology Project
  10. Jennifer Poulsen: Creating Sustainable Programs through Partnerships
  11. Joe Bagley: Leveraging Facebook for public outreach and participation
  12. Sarah Miller: Shoebox Digs



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