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A Celebration of World Archaeology for International Archaeology Day

by Bernard K. Means, Director Today, October 18, 2014, is the 4th International Archaeology Day. As can be seen in recent postings at the Virtual Curation Museum, virtual curation allows the world to be brought to your desktop and, be extension, desktops around the planet.  Today, I showcased a vessel from Brazil, the preceding two … Continue reading

You Dug It Up, Now What? Conservation, Public Outreach, and Research of Archaeological Collections

by Bernard K. Means, Director This past weekend, October 10-12, saw the Virtual Curation Laboratory (VCL) at the Archeological Society of Virginia (ASV) annual meeting, which was held in Richmond, Virginia—just a few miles away from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).  ASV is a student-friendly venue, and this is the second year that the VCL has … Continue reading

If It’s Friday, It Must Be Jamestown: Two Weeks in the Virtual Curation Laboratory

by Bernard K. Means, Director On Friday, October 3, I was at Jamestown Island with a NextEngine Desktop 3D scanner and digitally preserving a delft apothecary jar rim base, uncovered during recent excavations by Jamestown Rediscovery’s archaeology team.  The base sherd mends with another sherd that I scanned next, and we will be able to … Continue reading

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