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ICAZ 2014: Digital Scanned 3-D Reproduced Elements of Extinct Species; The Future Examines the Past

by Bernard K. Means

Today, at the International Council of Archaeozoologists meeting in San Rafael (Mendoza), Argentina at the Museo de Historia Natural de San Rafael, a poster is being presented that features research by the Virtual Curation Laboratory and collaborators at the University of Kentucky (Bruce Manzano), the University of West Florida (Mariana Zechini) and Christopher Begley (Transylvania University).  Bruce Manzano is not only presenting the poster, but displaying printed replicas of passenger pigeon bones.  The abstract for the poster is here:

Digital Scanned 3-D Reproduced Elements of Extinct Species; The Future Examines the Past

 Bruce L. Manzano, Bernard K. Means, Mariana Zechini, and Christopher Begley

Digital scanned images of select bones from the extinct harelip sucker (Lagochila lacera) and the passenger pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius) were used to make accurate 3-D reproductions of the elements.  Accurate 3-D reproductions of these elements will help researchers not familiar with species, such as the harelip sucker, or familiar with the species as in the case of the passenger pigeon more accurately identify the species within archaeological assemblages, not just say unidentified Fish or pigeon.  The techniques used and obstacles encountered are discussed to highlight the use of 3-D reproductions in archaeozoology and printed replicas made from digital models.

For those of you who cannot attend the conference (like me), I include here a copy of the poster in digital form.

ICAZ 2014 3D poster



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