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VCU Archaeology

To Infinity and Beyond: the Future of the Past

by Bernard K. Means, Director

As part of the Blogging Carnival being run by Doug Rocks-Macqueen in the run up to the Society for American Archaeology annual meeting next month in Austin, he has tasked us archaeology bloggers with the following questions:

Where are you/we going with blogging or would you it like to go? What are your goals for blogging?

And, for the first question, I’m not sure what direction I will be going at this point.  This blog and the companion one at the Virtual Curation Museum have evolved and are evolving somewhat organically.  I would like to make both blogs more interactive and more dynamic, particularly by adding 3D models that can be manipulated by the viewer, rather than simply offering a passive animation.  The goal is to allow visitors to either site to contextualize and recontextualize the past and offer their own insights and interpretations–to be more reflexive.  And, I plan to encourage my students working in the Virtual Curation Laboratory to make their own contributions to these two blogs, hopefully in creative ways that I can’t envision at present.

Mummified juvenile opossum.

Mummified juvenile opossum.




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