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A Farewell to Arms: Further Virtual Curation of Select Small Finds at George Washington’s Ferry Farm

by Bernard K. Means, Project Director

Wooden cutout of George Washington with a gun.

Wooden cutout of George Washington with a gun.

Today (March 25, 2014) I am off to the Small Finds Work Group meeting at the Lost Towns Project headquarters in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  The Small Finds Work Group is an eclectic group of scholars that meets informally to discuss unique artifacts, with meeting usually focused on a theme.  Today’s theme is  Colonial Arms and Armament.

Hammer for a trigger.

Hammer for a trigger.

This takes me back to a scanning endeavor earlier this monty. On Tuesday, March 11, 2014, I took a break while scanning Small Finds related to historic furnishings in the Small Finds Laboratory at George Washington’s Ferry Farm, in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I remained in the Small Finds Laboratory, but focused for a few hours on scanning arms-related items found on this historic property, including the hammer from a caplock mechanism first patented in 1807, a musket side plate, a scabbard tip, and a lock from a U.S. Model 1861 Springfield Rifled Musket.  A note associated with the lock by Paul Nasca states that “failure of the main spring is the reason why the lock was discarded.”

This was the second day of my Spring Break, and the end of scanning at Ferry Farm until after the Spring Conference season, so a farewell to the arms and the furniture hardware I scanned (in the afternoon).


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