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To Infinity and Beyond: the Future of the Past

by Bernard K. Means, Director As part of the Blogging Carnival being run by Doug Rocks-Macqueen in the run up to the Society for American Archaeology annual meeting next month in Austin, he has tasked us archaeology bloggers with the following questions: Where are you/we going with blogging or would you it like to go? What … Continue reading

A Farewell to Arms: Further Virtual Curation of Select Small Finds at George Washington’s Ferry Farm

by Bernard K. Means, Project Director Today (March 25, 2014) I am off to the Small Finds Work Group meeting at the Lost Towns Project headquarters in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  The Small Finds Work Group is an eclectic group of scholars that meets informally to discuss unique artifacts, with meeting usually focused on a … Continue reading

Collaboration, Conversation, and Co-Creation: A Visit from VMNH’s Dr. Elizabeth Moore

by Bernard K. Means, director The Virtual Curation Laboratory was very fortunate to have Dr. Elizabeth Moore of the Virginia Museum of Natural History (VMNH) as a visitor on Wednesday (March 19) and Friday (March 21) of this past week.  Dr. Moore is the Curator of Archaeology for VMNH. On Wednesday, Dr. Moore helped us … Continue reading

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