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It was the Best of Blogs, It Was the Worst of Blogs

by Bernard K. Means, Director

New intern Meg Healy watches as an artifact is printed.

New intern Meg Healy watches as an artifact is printed.

This month’s Blogging Carnival, co-ordinated and run through Doug’s Archaeology asks us to consider our best and our worst blog posts.  Others participating in the Blogging Carnival have expressed their difficulties in doing so, and I’m certainly no different.  I’m sure that one of the blog posts that I made simply because I feel an obligation to blog SOMETHING in a given week would qualify, but I’m not sure which of those would be the worst. One post that I wrote that I thought would be of broad interest, 3D scanning with a NextEngine Desktop 3D scanner in the field, received actually received little attention: https://vcuarchaeology3d.wordpress.com/2012/06/10/some-dont-like-it-hot-3d-feature-and-artifact-scanning-at-the-2012-field-school-at-george-washingtons-childhood-home-at-ferry-farm/

One of my more popular posts (and I’m not saying I’m popular, this is a relative thing) was about public archaeology efforts at a local high school: https://vcuarchaeology3d.wordpress.com/2013/02/17/3d-archaeology-digital-natives-and-digital-travelers/. I’m certainly happy that post attracted attention, and it certainly was one of the more introspective posts that I have written.  It also chronicles an activity that I found enriching for my students and for myself.

In reflecting on this month’s question, I realize that I do need to avoid blogging for blogging’s sake, and have as my goal to post blogs that meaningfully advance my major foci: virtual curation of the past; and engaging with my students and the public in a meaningful fashion.



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