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Public Archaeology and Paleoamericans: This Week in the Virtual Curation Laboratory

by Bernard K. Means, Director

This week we saw the premier of Archaeology in the Community‘s The Dig: 365 Days of Artifacts YouTube video about the Virtual Curation Laboratory: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8QHsGhYi4g. If you navigate to this video, you can also see the short artifact description videos featuring Virginia Commonwealth University students that were filmed in the Virtual Curation Laboratory by Archaeology in the Community.  An earlier blog post discusses this, as you can see in arti-facts and arti-fictions.

Archaeology in the Community's YouTube video.

Archaeology in the Community’s YouTube video.

We closed out the week with a visit from Dr. Michael Johnson, recently retired from Fairfax County Archaeology. Dr. Johnson was kind enough to meet with the staff and interns in the Virtual Curation Laboratory, and also provided us with a loan of artifacts from Cactus Hill, and other noted Paleoamerican sites.  We will add these to the digital chipped stone type collection that we are developing.

Dr. Johnson in the VCL

Dr. Johnson in the VCL

During Dr. Johnson’s visit, we printed a chronological sequence of projectile points, ranging from Paleoamerican to Late Woodland–encompassing over 12,000 years of American Indians in the Middle Atlantic region.

bkm_2014-01-24 13.35.47Ashley McCuistion presented Dr. Johnson with the printed replicas as a thank you for his generosity in giving us his time and loaning us with artifacts from his research.

bkm_2014-01-24 14.11.32

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