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The Final Part of My Internship Was Very Exciting!

by Francesca Chesler, VCU student intern

The final part of my internship was very exciting! I learned a lot about 3D printing, the Adobe suites and artifact curation. I began the second half of my internship learning how to use the 3D printer. At first, I was very intimidated by the whole process and had to read of the manual many times before I finally began to feel comfortable. I assisted in using the printer and occasional scanning of historic artifacts and faunal remains in the lab.

Scanning in the lab.

Scanning in the lab.

However, I spent the majority of my time fiddling with the Adobe suite system.

In particular, I used Adobe premiere pro and Adobe after effects to edit video in the lab. These videos included interviews at the Virginia Museum of Natural History and I even saw myself talking about archaeology on video at Ferry Farm, the boyhood home of George Washington! When I first began editing the videos, I thought it would be an easy and quick task to do. However, the length of unedited videos can be quite daunting, and took me nearly a week to finish editing.

In addition to this, I focused on cataloging and cleaning many artifacts in the lab. With my fellow interns, 3D printed artifacts now have a neat storage location that does not distract other students from using lab space. Also, the 3D printed artifacts are still accessible and can easily be displayed or compared to the original artifacts.

Cleaning turkey bones in the lab before they are ready to be scanned.

Cleaning turkey bones in the lab before they are ready to be scanned.

I spent my last week in the lab taking apart the display in the library. Although the display was in the library for nearly the entire semester, it feels like it was only days ago when the posters were being designed and displayed for the first time. While this was a bit of a sad moment for me, as I realized my time at the lab was coming to an end, we were greeted with an awesome surprise, the brand new printer had come in the mail that day! Seeing the vast improvement in aesthetics alone compared to the original Makerbot makes me want to come into the lab next semester, perhaps as a guest!

Setting up the new printer!

Setting up the new printer!



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