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VCU Archaeology

Exciting and Informative!

From the Director — another intern blog from early in the semester!

by Ruth Martin, VCU student

Hello! I’m currently engaged in an internship at VCU’s 3D Laboratory. I’m a dual major at VCU: Anthropology and Environmental Studies. I really enjoy hard science, though not math, and I love learning about different cultures. In fact I have been to a few different countries to experience their diversity, and see the remains of cultures before them. In my Anthropology major I have been concentrating on Archaeology. In the future I hope to bring some of the key aspects of my hard science background to Archaeology, this way hopefully I will have more perspectives, ideas and tools to work with.

the MakerBot 1

the MakerBot 1

In the lab I hope to learn, not only how to use all of the equipment but to become extremely comfortable with the different pieces of expensive technology. I’m ecstatic about the scanner mainly because the while it is in the process of scanning the lasers, which the scanner utilizes to create a digital image, looks impressive. Also watching an artifact come together bit by virtual bit is cool. Fusing images together for the final 3D model is a lot more extensive than I originally thought, and I’m eager to learn the entire process.  Not only do I want to learn the technology and mechanics of the Virtual lab. I’m also interested in the human aspect. I’m thrilled about getting the lab perspective as well as learning from my peers. Learning from my peers is bound to be fulfilling as many of them have a lot of experience (in the lab and out) but also specialize in different areas. Another thing I hope to gain from this internship is some different applications of 3D modeling, which is quickly becoming popular in the academic community. So perhaps during my time at VCU’s Virtual lab more applications will pop up. So far working in the Virtual lab has been exciting and informative.

Scanning a crow skull

Scanning a crow skull


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