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An Aztec clay head we refer to as “Coffee Bean Eyes”

From the director–another blog written early in a VCU student’s internship. by Leslie Straub Hi, my name is Leslie Straub, and I am studying Anthropology and graduating this December. I’m interested in Archaeology and Osteology, but I would really like to get more involved with Primatology in the near future. By interning in the Virtual … Continue reading

Why I Blog

by Bernard K. Means, Project Director The 2014 Society for American Archaeology annual meeting in Austin, Texas, will feature a Blogging in Archaeology Session.  As part of this Doug Rocks-Macqueen of Doug’s Archaeology is posting questions each month (details here). My answers two the first two are below. Why blogging? – Why did you, or … Continue reading

Let’s Talk Turkey: Digital Zooarchaeology in the Virtual Curation Laboratory

by Bernard K. Means, Director As Thanksgiving approaches, I thought I’d reflect briefly on our digital zooarchaeology efforts in the Virtual Curation Laboratory.  Most of these efforts involve a cooperative  relationship with Dr. Elizabeth Moore, who is Curator of Archaeology at the Virginia Museum of Natural History.  Dr. Moore has helped us with identifications of … Continue reading

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