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We had a Whale of a Time!

by Bernard K. Means, Director

Ashley and Lauren scan while a dinosaur skeleton looks on.

Ashley and Lauren scan at VMNH while a dinosaur skeleton looks on.

Just over a month ago, I traveled with Ashley McCuistion, our Digital Curation Supervisor, and Lauren Volkers, a Digital Intern, to the Virginia Museum of Natural History (VMNH) . While there, Lauren, Ashley, and I scanned some Miocene whale vertebra from an adult whale’s fossil skeleton.  The folks at VMNH would like to use our digital models to scale them down so that they can use printed replicas with a juvenile skull that they have to help reconstruct the juvenile’s skeleton. Amongst other duties, Ashley and Lauren have finally had a chance to edit the scans and create digital models suitable for this purpose.

Here is the result of one scan. We look forward to updating you as the VMNH moves forward with recreating the juvenile whale’s skeleton.

Axis of a miocene whale.

Axis of a Miocene whale.



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