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Making it Virtual: Year Two Anniversary of the Virtual Curation Laboratory

by Bernard K. Means, Director It’s hard to believe that today is the two year anniversary of the establishment of the Virtual Curation Laboratory.  We started out as a humble project funded by the Department of Defense’s Legacy Program (project #11-334) with myself as director, three VCU student staff (Clinton King, Courtney Bowles, and Victoria … Continue reading

Crowdsourcing Virtual Curation: A Solution to the Growing Digital Curation Crisis?

by Bernard K. Means, Director I was recently interviewed (August 21, 2013) about my perspectives on virtual curation by Dr. Joseph Schuldenrein on his internet radio show Indiana Jones: Myth, Reality and 21st Century Archaeology, in an episode entitled “Archaeology in the Digital Age: Virtual Curation and 3D Archaeology.” One of the topics we discussed … Continue reading

While the Scanner was Scanning: Introducting Intern Lauren Volkers

Note: the following blog was written by Lauren Volkers, a VCU student who is doing an internship with the Virtual Curation Laboratory this fall.  She did some preliminary work for her internship at the Virginia Museum of Natural History a couple of weeks ago–B. K. Means, project director. On Tuesday August 6, 2013 Dr. Bernard … Continue reading

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