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VCU Archaeology

Virtual Curation Laboratory @ VCU Undergraduate Research Conference 2013

by Bernard K. Means, director

Yesterday (April 24, 2013) I had the pleasure of participating along with six undergraduate students in an undergraduate research poster session sponsored by Virginia Commonwealth University’s (VCU)  Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).  The UROP research poster session brings together students from across the Monroe Park and Medical College of Virginia campuses to present their active research projects.  This is a great opportunity for them, and also for the university community to see the hard work our students are doing.  Greatly facilitating this was UROP’s Herb Hill, who arranged to have the posters printed at no cost to the students.

Rather than talk about the research done by the students working with the Virtual Curation Laboratory, I present their research posters below, including one I did in collaboration with the students to provide an overview of our work over the last year.

3D@UROP_means et al revised2

3D@UROP_McCuistion UROP Poster 3D@UROP_NataliePetrizzaUROPposter 3D@UROP_pham and castleberry Urop poster-6-3 3D@UROP_Zechini UROP Poster

3D@UROP_Bowles UROP Poster

3D@UROP_Hulvey -- UROP Poster Spring 2013

3D@UROP_Huber - UROP Poster 2013



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