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Hands on the Past: the Ferry Farm Touchbox, Virtual Curation, and Tactile Archaeology

By Bernard K. Means, Director of the Virtual Curation Laboratory This past Friday (March 22, 2013), I had the opportunity to speak with Melanie Marquis, laboratory supervisor at George Washington’s Ferry Farm, regarding a Touchbox she had developed for blind and other visually impaired visitors.  Standard museum displays—with artifacts and text protected behind clear acrylic … Continue reading

Taft Kiser Visits VCU

by Ashley McCuistion, Digital Curator On Friday, March 15th the Virtual Curation Laboratory and our student organization, the Virtual Archaeology Scanning Team (VAST), hosted a talk by archaeologist Taft Kiser.  Taft was kind enough to come to VCU and give a lecture on 17th Century clay smoking pipes, which began with a brief history of … Continue reading

VCL attacks the MAACs: 2013 Edition

By Bernard K. Means, Project Director Members of the Virtual Curation Laboratory (VCL) journeyed to Virginia Beach, Virginia, beginning March 7 to attend and participate in the Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference (MAAC).  In addition to myself, several Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)  students who are integral to the function of VCL or have done research in … Continue reading

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