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VCU Archaeology

Happy Halloween from the Virtual Curation Laboratory!

by Bernard K. Means, Project Director

Today’s post will be brief, as I’m not sure how long we will have power.  As is true for many of our readers, Hurricane Sandy is bearing down on the region and widespread power outages are predicted.

The picture accompanying this post was taken by team member Ashley McCuistion at a talk I recently gave to the Virginia Commonwealth University community.   The item being scanned is a turtle shell and is non-archaeological in origin (unless one sees this as archaeological as it was recovered from an archaeologist’s cubicle).  As is true for this object, and the raccoon skeleton we highlighted in the last blog post, our plans with the Virtual Curation Laboratory are to expand the range of items being scanned for creation of virtual avatars.  Scans of bones, bugs, and other organic items are of interest not only to archaeologists, but also to people with natural history collections.  We are not alone in our efforts to create natural history type collections, and in a future post, we’ll highlight some of these other efforts.
In the meantime, Happy Halloween!


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