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VCU Archaeology

3D Archaeology: A Graphic Approach

Animation of a raccoon skull rotating on the scanner platform.

By Jamie Pham, Project Illustrator

In newspapers, on websites, and advertisements, we see every-day funny or interesting comics or animations that catch our attention. Here at the Virtual Curation Laboratory we want to do the same. As a comic illustrator I am continuing to find different ways to incorporate various artistic styles, like comics and digital animation, to tell the stories of our adventures and successes with virtual scanning. One questions to this type of approach would be: why comics and drawings versus videos of real people? My answer, why not? With comics we can expand our audience to a wider variety of people. For children, adults, college students, or just a random person on a brisk walk, it takes only a few seconds to notice a comic strip.

Overall my goal is to be able to capture people’s attention through comics and teach them about the past and the need for preserving it. I hope to produce a comic book manual that not only illustrates how to scan, but also gives specific stories or examples of what people have accomplished with scanning in the Virtual Curation Laboratory.

I plan to properly correlate the history of the artifacts that we scan into this comic book manual. I want to share the amazing work that our team members are able to do with scanning through comics and animation. With this approach, we can further educate the public about the importance of preservation and great achievements of virtual archaeology.

Illustration showing scanning of coat hanger from the Fairfield Foundation.



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