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Making Progress in the Virtual Curation Laboratory

By Ashley McCuistion, Virtual Curation Laboratory Multimedia Coordinator

Today was a very successful day in the Virtual Curation Laboratory!  I have been struggling with software issues for weeks now, running into various problems with editing and processing the digital files we have captured using the scanner.  This morning, Courtney Bowles and I went through a few of the files we have been having issues with in an attempt to find solutions.  We were unsuccessful until I went back to an American Indian pipe that I had begun editing at the beginning of this semester.  I trimmed and aligned the model, but was never able to successfully finalize the process and create an STL file from it.

Our first attempt to fuse the model failed, even after rebooting the computer and simplifying the file.  We were quite discouraged, but instead of giving up I remembered that there was an alternative way of fusing the models using the “volume merge” option.  Within a few minutes the model was successfully fused and I was able to create an STL file and fully process it!  This was a very exciting achievement for me, and I can’t wait to try this method on some of the other difficult files we have!

Click on image for an animated version.

By Dr. Bernard K. Means, Project Director

This unique American Indian smoking pipe was recovered at the GrahamVillage site, a Monongahela village, by Bob Oshnock of the Westmoreland Archaeological Society, Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology.  Bob has loaned several artifacts to the Virtual Curation Laboratory for scanning, largely from the Consol site, another MonongahelaVillage, that he and other members of the Westmoreland Archaeological Society have been excavating for several years.  Future blog posts will feature artifacts from the Consol site, including a unique deer rib knife.



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