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California Scanning: A Feasting Bowl, a Stone Hoe, and a Seahorse

by Dr. Bernard K. Means, project director On Monday, September 24, I was in California…. California, Pennsylvania, that is–at California University of Pennsylvania.  Dr. John Nass had invited me to talk to students and faculty from multiple disciplines (archaeology, biology, art/design) about the potential and limitations of the NextEngine 3D Desktop scanner for a wide … Continue reading

Clues in the Attic: Scanning Artifacts for the Fairfield Foundation

By: Victoria Garcia, Virtual Curation Laboratory Intern On Wednesday, September 4, I had the opportunity to sit down with Virginia Adams of the Fairfield Foundation to discuss their collection of items from the Ware Neck Store. The Ware Neck Store, located in Gloucester, Virginia, is still in use as a general store and is currently … Continue reading

One Million Years of Technology

By Ashley McCuistion, Virtual Curation Laboratory Multimedia Coordinator The Virtual Curation Laboratory has finally settled down back in Richmond after a wonderful summer of travel, and we are ready to begin a brand new academic year!  We have a lot of editing to do in the lab and some artifacts waiting to be scanned, but … Continue reading

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