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Fire and Ice: Scanning Historic-Era Leather, Wood, and Bone Artifacts at The State Museum of Pennsylvania

In mid-July, I spent two days at The State Museum of Pennsylvania dedicated to scanning Historic-era organic artifacts.  All artifacts have some conservation needs to ensure that they will be around well into the future for study and aesthetic appreciation by scholars and the general public (see http://www.conservation-us.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=Page.viewPage&pageId=472 for conservation resources and information).  Conservation needs … Continue reading

Bones, Bugs, Fossils, Oh My! 3D Scanning @ the Virginia Museum of Natural History

by project director, Dr. Bernard K. Means Last Monday (August 20), I traveled to the Virginia Museum of Natural History (VMNH) in Martinsville, Virginia, at the invitation of Dr. Elizabeth Moore, the Museum’s Curator of Archaeology.  Dr. Moore had asked me to give her and her colleagues a demonstration of both our 3D artifact scanner, … Continue reading

They Went THAT-Away: The Humanities and Technology (THAT) Camp in Computational Archaeology

By Bernard K. Means, Project Director Yesterday (August 10, 2012) I attended the The Humanities and Technology (THAT) Camp in Computational Archaeology in Charlottesville, Virginia.  As stated on the about section of their web site (http://caana2012.thatcamp.org/): “THATCamp CAA-NA is co-sponsored by the Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA) conference North American chapter and … Continue reading

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