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3D Artifact Scanning at James Madison’s Montpelier

by Bernard K. Means, Project Director At the invitation of Dr. Matthew Reeves, Rachael Hulvey and I met at Montpelier’s archaeology laboratory on Wednesday, May 23, to scan some artifacts recovered from locations across the Montpelier landscape. Dr. Reeves is Montpelier’s Director of Archaeology. We also brought along some resin replicas produced by our MakerBot … Continue reading

Project V.C.U.-R.A.M.S. has a new Lab Technician: Michael Rohrer

Ten Gallon Memories: Scanning at George Washington’s Ferry Farm

by Beth Reid Courtney Bowles and I met after acquiring coffee on Friday, April 6, and drove to Stafford County to assist Dr. Means with scanning artifacts recovered from George Washington’s Ferry Farm site in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The day was sunny but unpleasantly crisp and gusty.  The tour of the grounds was brief to minimize … Continue reading

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