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The Virtual Curation Unit participates in VCU’s annual Research Week

Last week, our Virtual Curation team participated in VCU’s annual Research Week: Profiling Student Research. The VCU Press Center gives an excellent quote from VCU’s president, Dr. Michael Rao and how he explains this event:

“VCU’s Research Week event signals our commitment to a deep student learning experience and recognition of the importance of our growing research enterprise on all levels and across disciplines,” said VCU President Michael Rao, Ph.D. “Through relevant research opportunities at VCU, our young investigators are able to share in experiences that will help shape them as leaders committed to important discoveries.”

With poster locations in both the Commonwealth ballroom and the Virginia ballroom in the Student Commons, participating students set up their posters on Velcro boards to be showcased to guests and curious students.


Each of the Virtual Curation team members had a poster on display. From Archaeology vs. Media to Retro Archaeology to the field work done with the Virtual Curation Unit, our team showcased our project proudly.  You can see our posters at: https://vcuarchaeology3d.wordpress.com/2012/04/28/vcu-3d-poster-session-urop/




We, of course, brought along our pièce de résistance: Sir-Scans-A-Lot to show students and faculty what is actually going on in the Archaeology Lab and we also were able to bring along 3D replicas of artifacts made by our new 3D printer (plus, as a treat we were able to display Beth’s hand-carved chocolate replica of a Venus figurine!)

Before the poster session got underway everyone was treated to a delicious lunch. It was a nice treat to sit and enjoy the food and hold conversations on what we were expecting to happen at the session (and also getting to know each other better).


Around noon Kristen, Rachael, Allen, Beth, Courtney and I all went to the Commonwealth ballroom to listen to speeches by Dr. Rao, the Provost of the University and Herbert Hill, coordinator of the event. Beth was even recognized for  a fellowship for her field work that she will be doing with Dr. Means this summer at George Washington Foundation’s Ferry Farm in Fredericksburg!


The reception from curious individuals, all checking out posters, was really good. The interest we generated from having Sir-Scans-A-Lot with us definitely helped.



Next year we hope we can participate again in VCU’s Research Week and by then we will have more research, more 3D replicas and more field work to showcase!


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