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Effigy Face Pipe Animation

by Bernard K. Means The pipe shown here is on display at the Regional Archaeological Curation Facility at Fort Lee, Virginia.  Our digital scanning project allows us to bring items that are not readily accessible–such as those behind glass cases in a museum–to a broader audience.  Clinton King and Courtney Bowles worked to scan this … Continue reading

Facing the Past: 3D Archaeology and The State Museum of Pennsylvania

By Bernard K. Means, Project Director On Friday, February 10, I traveled to The State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, PA, to return some artifacts we had just finished scanning from Fort Hill and Gower—these were two Monongahela Tradition villages excavated as WPA projects in 1939 and 1940.  Details of these excavations can be found … Continue reading

Wigging Out in 3D Style at George Washington’s Ferry Farm

by Victoria Valentine Courtney and I met up in front of the World Studies building last Friday morning at 7:40am to begin our trip to Ferry Farm.  Besides waking up at dawn and the fact that the box that covers the scanning might have been a little too large to fit into my backseat, the … Continue reading

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