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Dateline: 11/30/11

By Dr. Bernard K. Means, Project Director

Clinton King, Sir Scans-a-Lot, and I made the long, arduous journey across cobblestone streets to the Virginia Department of Historic Resources (VDHR)—all of 1.6 miles.  Our goal was to demonstrate the capabilities of our 3D digital object scanner to VDHR staff and to consult with them about collections management and conservation issues, as well as to discuss new or different ways we can implement our scanning project in the laboratory or the field.  VDHR Chief Curator Dee DeRoche welcomed us to the VDHR study collections room and made available three objects that we scanned: a prehistoric rim sherd from the Gala site (44Bo48), a turkey bone awl from the Lauderdale site (44Bo3), and a jasper triangular projectile point from the Culler site (44Pa128).  Archeological Society of Virginia member and VDHR volunteer Charles Manson assisted with selecting objects.  Thanks to Dee and VDHR staff Roger Kirchen, Jolene Smith, David Hazzard, and Tom Klatka for their comments and suggestions about our scanning project.  David Hazzard and I discussed ways the scanner could be used to scan fragile artifacts in situ.  We really appreciate the dialogue with VDHR archaeologists in helping us advance our DoD Legacy project.  More images can be found at:




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