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Virtual Curation Meets Virtual Animation

Project V.C.U.-R.A.M.S. has added a new member to the team: Daniel Sullivan, Animation Director.  Daniel will create animated .gif files of the artifacts processed with the Next Engine 3D Scanner in order to give a visual representation to the public of what the artifacts will look like after our 3D-treatment. An example of Daniel’s work … Continue reading

The State Museum of Pennsylvania

Clinton King, Sir Scans-a-Lot, and myself spent November 4 and November 5 at The State Museum of Pennsylvania to scan artifacts and to interact with members of the public attending the Workshops in Archaeology on November 5. Dr. Bernard K. Means, Project Director : : See my travel log here: https://vcuarchaeology3d.wordpress.com/travel-log/the-state-museum-of-pennsylvania-114-and-115/ : : .

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