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VCU Virtual Curation Team makes the news…..

Read about our scanning efforts at Ferry Farm this past weekend.  Great images and great story.  Clint King, Courtney Bowles, and Sir Scans-a-Lot made the front cover of Section D.  The tambour hook talked about in the article is a the top of page A1.  A link to the article can be found at: http://fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2011/092011/09272011/654031Continue reading

The Trouble with Bullets

Digital Curator: Clinton King   Included in the artifacts from the Regional Archaeological Curation Facility in Fort Lee, VA is a .30 caliber bullet.  We decided to scan this object because we had yet to scan any type of ammunition.  Since the bullet is made out of a copper alloy we were concerned that the … Continue reading

Visit from Quantico Archaeologist

Monday, September 19, 2011 John Haynes, Archaeologist for U.S. Marine Corps Base Quantico, visited the V.C.U.-R.A.M.S. project team at VCU this morning. . . Project Director B.K. Means and Digital Curator Clinton King demonstrated for Mr. Haynes methods used in 3D scanning.      : Clinton King explained to Mr. Haynes the importance of “landmarks” … Continue reading

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