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America’s Founding Fossils: History, 3-D Visualization, and Sequential Art

by Bernard K. Means

On the second day of 2022, I received the final PDF version of an article that I wrote with Maggie Colangelo about the Founding Monsters comic book and the underlying research that went into that comic book. The article was published in the Dutch journal Cranium of the association Working Group on Pleistocene Mammals. The editor of the journal has kindly allowed me to make the article available, and I include it here as a series of images in a slide show format. The article includes art and text by Maggie from Founding Monsters and art that was incorporated in the sequel Founding Monsters Tales.

The full reference for the article is: Means, Bernard K. and Maggie Colangelo (2021) America’s Founding Fossils: History, 3-D Visualization, and Sequential Art. Cranium 38(2):63-73.

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