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A Vampire Skull in the Virtual Curation Laboratory

by Bernard K. Means

Last year, the Virtual Curation Lab (VCL) of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) 3-D scanned a human cranium and mandible associated with the so-called “Connecticut Vampire.” You can read about those efforts in this story from early January 2023 by Brian McNeill of VCU News: “19th-century ‘Connecticut vampire’ receives forensic facial reconstruction with help from VCU researchers.” This past Friday, January 13, VCL Senior Graphic Artist Maggie Colangelo completed a two-page comic about the Connecticut Vampire, which I present below. This two-page comic will be collected along with some other short comics Maggie has done over the last year or so into a Tales from the Virtual Curation Lab anthology. More on that another day. A digital model of the cranium can be viewed and manipulated online here: https://skfb.ly/oCTGC

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